Saturday, May 18, 2013

It's been a while

I don't think I posted pictures of where I lived in Brooklyn, New York.  It sure has gone downhill since we lived there.

Mostly for family, here are some pictures of our old home.

Notice the trash out front.  The yards on both sides are dead.  They used to be grassed.

This used to be a beautiful building in the early 1900's.  Notice the tile floor, textured metal ceiling and stone entryway

This would have been the waiting room for visitors.  Now just a storage area.  See the fireplace.  Real one.

We lived on the second floor.  First door on the left

Evidentally,  it is not a safe place to live now.

This was the courtyard, where we would play, and yell up to our mom for money when the ice cream truck came around.

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